The Euva Majors Bausum Memorial Library was opened at First Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon, KY on February 26, 1967 which was the closest Sunday to her birth date.  The library was started with books that were purchased from donations of money which was given at her memorial service in lieu of flowers.  The committee at this time was made up of Robert Lord Bausum, her husband; H. Lee Durham, deacon; Irene Bales, YWA leader; Carrie Baker, Librarian; and Laura Durham, Director.

          The Bausums were the third generation missionaries to China and this torch was passed on to the fourth generation through their daughter Dorothy Bausum Evans who served with her husband Bob in Malaysia.  The Bausums made their home in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky after their many years in China.  Our church family was so blessed to share the lives of these two dedicated people during the years of retirement.

          The story of their ministry with the Chinese, Ministry to GA's, Acteens, and RA's and many years in school of missions in the United States is recorded in two wonderful books which are available in the library.  "Pass It On: Four Generations of Missionary Service VI" and Pass It On: Four Generations of Missionary Service VII".  Thirty-six years later First Baptist renovated it's building once the new educational facility was completed.  At that time the library moved into it's new location and Robert Lord Bausum was named as the founder of the library at the dedication of the new library facility on Sunday, February 23, 2003.  At that service we also focused on the other First Baptist Church Foreign Missionaries Bob & Edwina Fields (retired from Israel), Bob and Dorothy Bausum Evans (retired from Malaysia), Charles and Carrie Hedrick (retired from Nigeria), and  Joe & Tammy Korn (presently serving in Israel).

The library committee at the present time is Laura Durham, director and committee members are Carmon Coldiron, Doris Blevins and Anna Lee Smith.  Come see us. 
         The library is open at all times and practices a honor checkout system.   The children's section is very popular. We also have books for youth and adults.  The major part of the collection is in Bible study books and related topics.  Videos and DVD's of Sunday morning worship services are available for check out.
Remember: Every book in the library is new until you read it!